Our Service Area

Kohler’s Propane supplies propane for home, business, and agricultural applications in the Brown City and throughout the Entire Thumb Area; We have offices in Brown City and Bad Axe. Call today!

Residential Service

Michigan weather can be unpredictable, and reliable propane delivery is crucial. Kohler’s Propane monitors the weather, temperature changes, and your personal usage to provide our “Keep Full” customers with full tanks so you never have to worry about forgetting to check your levels.  Unplanned visit to the cottage? No problem, give us a call on the “Will Call” program and you can order our minimum or fill it up when you need it.  Whether you are enjoying the summer in your propane heated pool or keeping cozy during those cold winter nights, Kohler’s Propane has programs designed to fit you and your home’s needs, indoors and out all year long.


Kohler’s Propane is the perfect choice for your business, new construction, or industrial needs. Let our trained professionals design a customized propane delivery schedule and provide comprehensive safety and technical advice for all your indoor and outdoor business needs. Kohlers also provides propane for commercial and industrial uses like fork lifts, generators, or as a heat source. You can rely on us to deliver propane for your businesses to keep customers and employees warm, as well as keeping your jobs running smoothly.  


Kohler’s Propane can also help your farms stay on track with propane delivery for refrigerants, crop and produce drying, heating greenhouses, hot water for dairies, irrigation pumps and heating animal enclosures.  We can fuel your business when and where you need it through flexible service plans, customized delivery options (including 7 days per week), tank monitors, and online payment choices. The “Keep-Full” program can help track your usage to support your business without any interruption and by adding a tank monitor you can keep track of your levels and usage with a simple download of an app.

Propane Delivery Programs

Pre-Buy Price Cap

The Pre-Buy Price Cap is Kohler’s Propane most popular and cost-saving program! Starting June 10th, cap your rate and purchase your winter gallons in the summer. Your propane rate can go down, but your rate will never go up on your pre-purchased gallons, no matter how severe the weather or what the market price does!

Keep Full

Enjoy peace-of-mind with our most convenient delivery option! Hassle-free, year-round service — at no additional cost. Kohler’s will monitor your usage and schedule refills automatically based on your usage demands. We offer a 4 cent per gallon discount if you pay your bill within 10 days of receiving your delivery. Additionally, we offer a Keep Full Price Cap to all our Keep Full customers free of charge!

Will Call

Do your propane needs vary due to other heat sources or do you like to monitor your own propane tank percentage? You make the call with our Will Call program. You monitor your tank and propane usage. You decide when it’s time to schedule a refill and can limit your delivery. You call Kohler’s Propane when your tank is at or above 25% to get the best rate and we will get you scheduled for a propane delivery. We offer a 4 cent per gallon discount off your bill if you pay within 10 days of receiving your delivery. If you forget to monitor your tank, we have tank monitors for rent that will alert you when you’re low. Also, we have Emergency Service fees that guarantee a delivery the same day or within 48 hours.

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